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Submitted by Ursula B.

Let them eat tuna donIsn’t it one of the cruel truths of life that often what tastes fantastic isn’t good for you? Luckily, for every rule there is an exception – so to have their lunch and feel downright virtuous too, di(V.I.)ne contributors head to Daidoco, a downtown Japanese lunch-spot.

However, before visions of California rolls start dancing through your head, let me set you straight: Daidoco is not one of Victoria’s ubiquitous sushi joints. Daidoco is in fact a deli–serving up local organic salads, hot stir fries, an ever-changing selection of small plates (saizo in Japanese) and some of the freshest fish in town.  Walking into this small restaurant you have a choice of about eight hot/cooked mains: tuna (heavenly tataki style), salmon or tofu don, grilled rock fish and teriaki chicken. You can add miso or head over to the seasonally evolving selection of salads to get your greens. For me, yesterday held a baby bok-choy, potato, and edamame salad dressed in ground sesame/miso. Yum.

Two last, but not insignificant, (high) points: the staff are unfailingly polite, attentive and gracious – they make picking up lunch feel like you’re doing them a favour. And, for the budget conscious, even if you order three or four dishes you’d be hard pressed to ring up a bill of more than $10.

Daidoco is only open for lunch and is located in the Nootka Court, off Courtney Street (find the Bug Zoo, then head INTO the building – not to worry, the bugs keep to themselves).


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habit coffee & culture may not be the latest coffee shop to open its door in Greater Victoria (any surprise? a new one a day wouldn’t be much of a stretch), but it is arguably the best.

We spotted an accurate review of the upstart coffee house in the latest issue of EAT Magazine, on shelves (and the ‘net) today.

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