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Tick Tock

With apologies to those who have been stopping by looking for updates – and especial apologies to the visitors who left comments that were left unmoderated (now resolved) – di(V.I.)ne is now back in the saddle after a change in who’s holding the reins. (more…)


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Submitted by Ben

We won’t hide it: the di(V.I.)ne men love Dale and Patrick from downtown Victoria’s Outlooks for Men. And rightly so: it’s largely thanks to them and their wares that we look so darn good.

We were suitably pleased then to read the Victoria Times Colonist’s Sarah Petrescu give them and their store such a glowing recent review.

Though the article centers around the theme of the distinction between male and female fashion shoppers, a point came out that should be underscored here: Dale and Patrick make you feel at ease and in control of your choices while subtly helping to make those choices better. Really, what more could you hope for?

Great labels, you say? Well, they’re there, personal favourites including Swiss Army, Horst and, for their fitted cut for the “fitted” man, Zegna.

Cap it all off: if you want to be the epitome of eco-cool, you can pick up one of the same Jorg & Olif bikes (pictured) that Dale rides to work. Chain guard included to protect your trousers. (Though, we need to point out that we’ve heard from friends in Vancouver that these bikes are best suited for the flat lands of their Dutch heritage – they don’t climb so goed.)

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Away to me now, Pig.

Where to after Mo:Lé? Next door, of course, to habit coffee & culture to cap the perfect breakfast with the perfect boonah. Once again, the boys and their beans didn’t disappoint.

Before the brisketWhile sipping in the window ledge I noticed a suggestion on the “habit wants you to know about” board to check out Pig, in the old Hernandez location, for “the best brisket or pulled pork sandwich for 5-bucks in town.”

Not the first time this new animal has been suggested – a visit is in (short) order.

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With Dine Around Victoria wrapping up tonight for another year, di(V.I.)ne would like to hear your restaurant and hotel reviews, good or bad. You can include these in the Comments section below or, if you’d rather, send them to djrobertgordon@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance!

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