First Visit – Mo:Lé Restaurant


I don’t want to get into the habit of posting expletives on this page, so I’m going to have to censor what was going through my head while I chewed my first bite of Mo:Lé earlier this morning. In a G-rating, it translated to “Wow, this is really good.”

And yes, I know – FIRST bite?!? No, I haven’t been living in a hole, but, well, forget it, there’s no excuse, especially now that I know what I’ve been missing.

You know that feeling when you sit down behind a menu and realize you could eat everything listed before you? Not only that you could eat it all, but that you really, really want to? Today. Right now. At this sitting.

Better sense and a maintained waistline prevailed; I stuck to Mo’s Biscuit (cream cheese scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted pepper and havarti served open-face on a biscuit; accompanied by a side of pesto roasted potatoes that are now in the running for best in the city (I said maintained waistline, right?); $10). Earl grey tea to cut through the triglycerides and I was out the door, sated, for under 15 bucks.

Oh yeah, I’ll be back. Soon.

Mo:Lé Restaurant
Open for breakfast (’til mid-afternoon), lunch and (recently) dinner.
554 Pandora Street